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First Championship of the Season!!

The Wisconsin Lightning 14U Futures 2024 team went down to Midlothian, IL on October 12th and 13th to compete in the Batbusters Fall PGF Showdown.  The team went 5-0 en route to the first championship of the season for this talented group of young ladies.

2019 Batbuster Fall PGF Showdown Champions

Watch Live!!

Click the link below if you wish to watch every game of the 2019-2020 Wisconsin Lightning 14U Futures 2024 season.

14U Futures 2024 2019-2020 Tournament Schedule

Fall Tournament Schedule

September 7 - Wisconsin Lightning Round Robin

September 8 - Wasco Diamonds Round Robin

September 21 - PGF Super Select 76 - Westfield, IN

September 28 - PGF King of the Hill - Peoria, IL

October 11 - Batbusters Fall PGF Showdown - Midlothian, IL (1st Place)

October 18 - St. Louis Showcase II - Chesterfield, MO

November 2 - Let's Play for U Showcase - Peoria, IL

Winter Tournament Schedule

December 27 - Rosemont Dome Tournament

January 10 - Winter Whiteout Slugger Dome Series - Peoria, IL (Tentative)

February 14 - USA Softball February Shootout - Pekin, IL

March 27 - USA Softball Winter Classic - Pekin, IL (Tentative)

Spring/Summer Tournament Schedule

April 18 - Wisconsin Lightning 14U Round Robin (Tentative)

May 8 - PGF Super Select Showdown - North Ridgeville, OH